Welcome to Wayne County!

Wayne County is a county of agricultural abundance nestled along Lake Ontario; a lake that offers sport, recreation and aesthetic relaxation.

The Erie Canal transverses the county from east to west and draws both recreational tourists and  history buffs by the thousands each year.  This is also the birthplace of Mormonism and attracts worshippers from around the world. 

Our Apple Tasting Tour is abuzz with activity each year as residents and visitors both enjoy tasting some of the most delicious apples that are part of the largest yield harvested in New York State. 

People with many interests spend their time and money in Wayne County each year for lots of great reasons, and we know this is a great place for businesses to invest their time and money. 

Join us, and let us help you to thrive in this land of so many opportunities!

What we do for you:

  • Promote and support members by increasing awareness.
  • Provide leadership, assistance and support for new and existing businesses.
  • Assist and promote the development of the broader business community in Wayne County.
  • Partner with other like organizations to provide events each year that will educate and market our Wayne County businesses.

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